AMD E450 is one of the new APU by the chipset giant that is being touted as the successor to the immensely popular AMD E350 chipset. The E450 consists of two cores, just like E350, that run at 1.65GHz clock speed and come with ATi Radeon HD 6320 GPU that is clocked at 400MHz.


We have already tested many AMD E350 notebooks and netbooks including the successfully Sony Vaio YB which we tested way back in January (2011).

AMD E450 vs E350

The AMD E450 offers a mild increase in CPU clock. As mentioned earlier, E450 runs at 1.65GHz whereas the E350 is clocked at 1.6GHz. The E450′s chipset also adds DDR3 1600 support, while with the E350, you are stuck with 1333MHz. As you can see above, the E450 score 2718 in the PCmark Vantage test, thanks to the Turbo Mode feature which is absent in E350 that got 2277 in the same test.


The ATi (AMD) Radeon HD 6320 is similar to E350′s 6310 and even run at same clock, but offers overclocking feature that overclocks it to 600MHz when needed. Thus, expect around 20 percent increase in performance. ATi Radeon HD 6320 got 2802 and ATi 6310 scored 2238 in 3DMark 06 benchmark test. ATi Radeon HD 6250 (used in AMD C50) got a pitiful 650 in the same benchmark test (see our Asus 1215b review for that). In addition, 25 percent increase in memory bandwidth will allow various productivity apps to profit from overall memory throughput like audio-video editing and compression.

Overall, AMD E450 is an amazing chipset offering great performance. A notebook with this APU is perfect for viewing media and office work. Like E350, it has no problems in handling full HD video (YouTube and locally stored).

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