We have a really bad news for the Asus Eee PC 1015BX users. It would not be possible to upgrade their RAM to 4GB as the Asus has been selling it with RAM soldered on. This sucks for the ones that were planning to upgrade the RAM to 4GB.

Asus 1015bx ram upgrade

Fortunately, the unit comes soldered with 2GB RAM which is more than enough for running Windows 7 Home Premium smoothly. When we reviewed Asus 1215b with AMD C50 (which is basically an AMD C60 but with a fixed clocked speed of 1GHz), we felt no need to upgrade the RAM to 4GB.

Specs of the Asus 1015BX model being sold – 10.1 inch display, AMD C60 processor, ATi Radeon HD 6290, 500GB hard disk, 2GB RAM and Windows 7 home premium operating system. [via blogee forum]

Acer has been selling AMD C60 netbooks with replaceable RAM from quite sometime.