Asus Eee PC 1215B is first Asus netbook to feature the new AMD E350 / AMD C50 processor which is being used in many entry level netbooks and notebooks. I have personally loved these AMD Fusion netbooks and notebooks as they do not cost much and are able to handle 1080p video playback with ease. Specs of the 1215B look fantastic – you get a 12.1-inch netbook, AMD C50 processor, 250GB hard disk, 2GB of DDR3 RAM and Windows 7 Home Premium operating system.


Yes, it is infact an AMD C50 powered Asus 1215B!

asus 1215b review

Body of the Asus 1215B is same as 1215T and there is absolutely no difference between the two. The matte surface feels fantastic and gives it a sophisticated touch. TrackPad and palm rest are also matte. However, the area around display is glossy and easily catch smudges.

asus eee pc 1215b review

The display is one of the best we have seen on netbooks so far, only if you do not find the glare of the glossy 12.1-inch screen.

Expandability -  For expanding the RAM, you get two RAM slots. The unit came with 2GB RAM which is more than enough for a machine of this size. Since there is one empty slot, you can upgrade it to up to 4GB DDR3 RAM. There are 3 USB 2.0, 1x VGA and 1x HDMI ports.



Keyboard has not undergone any change since 1215T and you get the same small right shift key. Other than that, the keyboard is excellent and has great feedback.

asus 1215b review

asus 1215b review

Touchpad is great to use thanks to the matte surface. Multi touch gestures like pinch to zoom and two finger scrolling worked like a charm. Mouse buttons were easy to press as well.


The performance of the Asus 1215B is pretty good. Asus makes an AMD E350 powered model as well which will deliver same performance as the Sony Vaio YB as they share similar configuration. I tried both 1080p YouTube as-well-as locally stored videos and experienced no lags. Thanks to the HDMI port, you can output it to an HDTV or bigger display, if you want.


Here is its Windows Experience Index:

* Processor: 2.8
* Memory: 4.5
* Graphics: 4.0
* Gaming Graphics: 5.5
* Hard disk drive: 5.6

It scored a good 34807 in CrystalMarkBench test (similar to Acer 522 which also get similar performance). In real life, the performance is somewhere between an single core Atom netbook and Core i3 processor which is exactly stated by the graph given below. I was able to play full HD videos (1080p) without any problem. The major contributor in the graphics department is the ATi Radeon HD 6250 GPU.


Here is how it comes to the AMD K125 (being used in Asus 1215T) and Atom N550 (being used in Asus 1215P):

Not impressed? Take a look at its GPU benchmarks (ATi Radeon HD 6250 vs ION2 vs ATi 4250)


Battery Life

I got 5 hours 30 minutes of runtime from it while doing wireless web surfing and brightness set to 50 percent. This is not bad, but not great too. For the records, this was with 6-cell 5200mAh battery I got with the unit.


Verdict – Asus has told me that it will be hitting the stores with a price tag of 450 dollars which is a fair price for a 12.1-inch netbook. The Asus 1215B is faster than 1215N and 1215T, thus a worthy successor. I recommend it. Asus is selling AMD E350 version of 1215B (which is much faster than the one tested by us) for 499 dollars here.


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