I have just got hold of the Asus 1015PX netbook that comes with the Intel Atom N570 processor. This processor has got dual cores and runs at 1.66GHz clock speed. This makes it the fastest processor available in the netbooks right now. I was really exited to test and compare to Atom N550 processor which brought a noticeable boost compared to the single core Atom processors.


Here is the windows experience index that I obtained. The netbook I tested came with N570, 1GB DDR3 RAM, 320GB HDD and ran Windows 7 Starter operating system.

* Processor: 3.3
* Memory: 4.5
* Graphics: 3.0
* Gaming Graphics: 3.0
* Hard disk: 5.7

Now, I wanted to see how the processor performs in the PC Mark Vantage test. It scored a nice 1824. In comparison, Atom N550 scored 1635 and single core Atom N455 got 1054 points.


In 3D Mark 05 test, the Intel Atom N570 processor scored 144 which is same Atom N550 because the netbook I tested (Asus 1015PX) came with GMA 3150 which is used in almost all Atom powered netbooks out there.



In real world use, I cannot make out any difference between the Atom N550 and Atom N570. This is despite the fact that latter scored ~200 more points than Atom N550.

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