Asus N53J / N53JQ is the latest multimedia notebook that boasts the new Nvidia GT425M GPU, Core i7-720QM processor and a USB 3.0 port.


Build, Display

The looks of the Asus N53J look like a descendant of the N61J. For example: It has that same speaker grill that runs across the deck above the keyboard and below it you will find a bar that has buttons for power, playback and so on. These buttons light up when pressed which gives it a premium look.

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The lid of the Asus N53J is made from (scratch resistant) plastic which does appear metallic. The display, although not full HD looks very sharp despite the fact it packs ‘mere’ 1366 x 768 pixels. The black levels are awesome and colors pop up.

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However, the viewing angles are narrow.

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Keyboard, TouchPad

The keys are not full chiclet style keys but very comfortable to use. Even though it is a 15 inch notebook, Asus has managed squeeze in a number pad. It uses slightly smaller keys, is still very much usable. The keys have amazing feedback and you will love typing on it. My only gripe is the smaller right shift key and the arrow keys that are difficult to locate when touch typing.

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Touchpad is spacious and has a nice texture on it. Multi touch gestures work like a charm. Mouse bar below, despite being a single bar is easy to press.

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Mouse buttons do not require a lot of pressure to register a click which is great.

Ports, Storage, Expandability

On the left side you will find a USB 3.0 port, eSATA, SD card reader and HDMI port.

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On the right side, you will find Wi-Fi on / off switch, Blu-ray drive, 2x USB 2.0 ports, headphone and microphone jack.

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On the back, you will find a LAN port, power port and Kensington lock.

The unit came with 500GB hard disk which I don’t think can be easily upgraded unless you disassemble everything. You can get access to the RAM however, but since the review unit I got came with 10GB RAM, I don’t think I will ever need to open that panel.

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Although we never talk about speakers in the notebook reviews, but this Asus notebook does deserves a special mention since it boasts Bang & Olufsen speakers. The speakers are amazing and even have a recognizable bass note, something that is totally absent from most of the notebooks we have used and reviewed.

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The Nvidia GT425M GPU is amazing and handled full HD content like a piece of cake. Its Core i7-720QM processor runs at 1.6GHz clock speed and hyper threading speeds up multi-threaded apps.


Here is its WEI:

* Processor: 7.0
* Memory: 7.4
* Graphics: 6.6
* Gaming Graphics: 6.6
* Primary hard disk: 5.9

Asus N53J uses Nvidia 425M that scored 7623 in 3DMark 06


Here is how it compares to ATi 6250 and Nvidia 460M:


Here is how its processor Core i7-720QM compares to other processors in the market. The other Core i7 processor mentioned is the new Sandy Bridge processor.


Battery Life

Asus has bundled a small 4400mAh battery with the N53J / N53Jq. For a laptop this powerful, I expected something beefier. As expected, the battery runtimes are shabby.

asus_n53j_review (7)

I got mere 2.5 hours of runtime under web browsing test and 4 hours in light use test where all I did was type some documents in Office 2010. Keep a spare battery handy or take its bulky charger everywhere you go.

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Verdict – Asus N53J is not the most portable notebook out there but really shines as being an entertaining notebook.

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