I bought the Samsung Galaxy Note last week and it took a while to find out the USB flash drive mode. I read some of the postings on Internet and most of them said it is not possible to mount the Galaxy Note as USB flash disk. Today, I found that Samsung has put those settings under ‘Wireless and network’ for some reason. Anyway, here are the steps on how to use it as flash drive (works on both Mac and Windows PC).

Galaxy note usb drive windows mac

First, make sure your galaxy note is not plugged into the computer. Go to Settings > ‘Wireless and Network’ > USB Utilities  and tap on the button that says ‘Connect storage to PC’. You will now be told to plug it in. Go ahead and plug it in. You will find two drives on your computer mounted as flash drives. First drive is micro SD card and second drive is your phone’s internal storage.

Personally, I do not like using the Kies on my Macbook Pro as it is very slow in detecting my Note. The USB flash drive mode is very handy in transferring files from computer to phone and vice versa. Find more galaxy note news at mobilityupdate.

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