Galaxy S3 Flip case is a very clever phone accessory. It replaces the extremely thin back cover with a slightly more sturdier and back plate with attached front cover. This flap provides screen protection that is by far the smartest way of protecting the screen of Galaxy S3 smartphone.

Galaxy S3 Flip Case Review

Since the screen is protected all the time with this flip cover, you do not need to use screen protector with it. That wonderful Super AMOLED screen is kept scratch and smudge free all the time.
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Galaxy S3 Flip Case

On the downside, we wish it came with iPad’s smart-cover feature integrated. You will have to open the flip; press the home/power button to even read a message. Also, just like we mentioned in the Galaxy Note 2 flip cover review, if you are a leftie, you are just out of luck as the flap is attached to the case.

samsung Galaxy S3 Flip Case Review

We still love it though. It provides screen protection without adding a lot of bulk, but we do yearn for smart cover integration, especially from a case that costs $35. You can buy it for $20 from here though. If you want to see higher resolution pics, feel free to visit out flickr url.