Nexus 4 is selling like hotcakes and why not? After all, who does not want a quad core phone with 4.7 inch HD display that retails for less than $400. Folks at have done a review of Nexus 4 bumper and the reviewer is very happy with the purchase. He mentions that while 20 Euros is a expensive for a bumper that is made out of plastic, it is of good quality and does not changes the look of the Nexus 4 in a big way.

nexus 4 bumper review

Bumper for Nexus 4 adds some good looks too with its aluminum strip that goes around the phone. The device sits 2mm higher with the bumper on which protects it from getting scratched when kept on a surface. Also check out Nexus 7 dodo case review.

nexus 4 bumper

Openings for micro USB and 3.5mm ports is large enough. You will have no problems in using the sync cable or headphones.

nexus 4 bumper official

The Nexus 4 bumper adds very little to overall weight – just 20 grams. You can read the original review here.