Huawei Mediapad is one of the most solidly built tablets around. The chassis is made from single piece of metal and despite that, the Mediapad is on the light side. It is outfitted with a 7 inch display that is capacitive and accepts multitouch gestures. For storage, you get 8GB of flash which is easily expandable through its micro SD card slot. Find out more about it by clicking ‘full story’.

Huawei mediapad review

Compared to the original, first generation Galaxy Tab, it is thinner (11.98mm), but is thicker than the new Galaxy Tab 10.1 which is mere 8.6mm thick. Even though it is much smaller than the iPad, it manages to pack both micro USB and HDMI out for outputting the video / display to a bigger screen. Oh, and it also packs more pixels than iPad (1024 x 768 vs 1280 x 800 on the MediaPad). The PPI on the Mediapad is 216 which is highest we have seen on a tablet so far. iPad, in comparison, has 132ppi display. Oh, and did we mention that it is IPS?

Mediapad vs ipad galaxy tab

Folks at pconline (chinese) have posted a review of it and they were fairly impressed with it. Mediapad is powered by the Qualcomm 8X60 processor that has two cores and runs at 1.2GHz clock speed (also being used in ZTE Smarttab 10 tablet). While it is not the fastest, it manages to keep everything speedy and has no problems in driving its pixel rich display. Here is what you get in its box – charger, USB port and the tablet itself.

Mediapad specs

As you can see, the bezel is pretty large on it which is nice for holding the tablet. On the top right, there is a webcam for video calls.

Mediapad vs galaxy tab

The main advantage you get with a 7 inch tablet is the ability to carry it around anywhere and everywhere. It easily fits inside a jacket’s pocket and in one’s hands. Another thing that you will love about it is the fact that it ships with Android 3.2 honeycomb operating system that brings support for the 7 inch tablets. All the apps that were earlier available only on certain >10 inch tablets like Asus TF201 and TF101 are now available on it as well.

Mediapad review

Other nifty features you get with the Huawei Mediapad is the built in HSPA+ radio that lets you surf at broadband speeds provided your networks supports this standard. Of course, you get built in Wi-Fi as well.

Like other Huawei products, it will not be sold under the company’s name. You will have to wait for the retailers or the network providers to offer it. Chances are that it will be subsidized to lure more people into buying it.