Looks like Asus is working on yet another Nexus branded tablet. Spotted as Transformer Pad TF502 on FCC’s website by mini-tablet, it is said to be powered by Nvidia Tegra 4 quad core processor that is backed by 2GB RAM, 16GB flash storage, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a massive 6760 mAh battery. It will be priced at around 399 Euros / dollars.

Asus TF502 specs price review

Resolution is said be 1920×1080 (full HD) which is less than current Nexus 10 tablet (2560×1600 pixels). Folks at mini-tablet say that it nothing but a cheaper version of Asus Transformer TF701 which has identical specs.

So, the Asus is going to be the manufacture of another nexus tablet (it already sells Nexus 7 2). Let us hope it increases the profits of the ambitious Taiwanese electronic giant.